Blog: Simon WarburtonCrossed cables

Simon Warburton | 29 June 2010

I have to say my opinion of new business secretary Vince Cable's fulsome praise of the UK car industry was tempered somewhat when I got back to the office today to find he'd made some pretty tough comments prior to Toyota's new Auris hybrid event.

Perhaps not wishing to rain on Toyota's parade, Cable seemed to imply that state aid to the auto industry would be harder to come by in the future now that the UK sector seemed to be returning to more robust health.

It was frankly, by far the more interesting angle but I don't suppose he's reached his elevated position without knowing what to say to whom and at the right time.

Maybe he was being polite out of deference to his hosts but he certainly didn't mention any of the tougher measures at the Auris ceremony.

Politicians eh?


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