Blog: Dave LeggettCRM gone wrong

Dave Leggett | 6 July 2006

Do you ever receive mailshots that you shouldn't? To some extent, it's a bain of modern life. But getting your name removed from a mailshot database isn't necessarily all that straightforward. This little gem was in yesterday's Daily Telegraph:

Remember Charles Gonszor, chief executive of venture capitalist Primary Capital? He was the fellow who bought his wife Lesley a £76,000 Porsche cabriolet for her 50th birthday in March last year. After finding numerous faults that were never fixed, Gonszor dispensed with the car and sued for his money back, and eventually had it returned.

Despite this, Porsche continued to contact him, notifying him his warranty was up and asking him to fill in customer satisfaction questionnaires.

After several attempts to get his name off the Porsche UK database, Gonszor finally extracted a promise from company secretary David Raggett in April that he would stop the mailing.

Two months later, it started again: an upbeat newsletter arrived from his Porsche dealer who's looking forward to seeing him and hopes he's enjoyed the update. Gonszor sighs: "I continue to be flabbergasted".


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