Blog: Dave Leggett'Cream of the crop' consumers

Dave Leggett | 7 May 2003

It's easy to forget that customers are all different. Some are more interested in the monthly bottom line than anything else. Others are thinking ahead to residuals and excited by the whole value proposition inherent in a car or brand. I've been speaking to CSM Worldwide's forecast director, Mike Robinet, about how he sees the US and NA outlook right now. One thing he said about the rise of the Japanese in the US marketplace stuck. He believes they are attracting the higher value consumers (so-called 'cream of the crop') and leaving the Big 3 to fight it out with the Koreans for the monthly payment people. And then there's the question of all the capacity that the Japanese are putting into place in NA. Not a good scenario for the traditional Big 3 - Mikes sees a continuation of share loss ahead.


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