Blog: Dave LeggettCrafty Italians

Dave Leggett | 11 October 2004

Those crafty Italians have, yet again, been cooking up something to help local maker Fiat out. They’re talking about a tax on big cars and SUVs to help finance scrappage incentives in the Italian market. And it’s all dressed up as a policy motivated by environmental concerns. But the reality is that it could be expected to favour Fiat as both Italian market leader and as a specialist in small cars. Beautiful! In the past, scrappage incentives in Italy have caused the market to swing wildly, so this is potentially very important for the Italian market and, of course, Fiat Auto.

But the Teutonic purveyors of large cars (yes, the Germans) won’t like it one little bit – they went wild when the French proposed something similar – so there’s more European disharmony in prospect.


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