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Dave Leggett | 6 June 2003

I see the guy who has been at the helm of Covisint for the last two months (Bruce Swift) is bailing out - off to Metaldyne. That means that Covisint has had three CEOs within the space of a year. Doesn't sound too healthy does it? I wouldn't mind betting there's a spicy inside story on the comings and goings at Covisint over the last few years.

Talking of Covisint characters, I recall myself and a colleague being dealt some pretty rude treatment by someone from Covisint at the Frankfurt Show in 2001 - we just wanted ten minutes informal and introductory chit-chat and had arranged an appointment. The arrogance with which we were dismissed by someone who was - to say the least - a bit jumped up, was really quite breathtaking. Admittedly, my colleage was there with commercial objectives in mind, but a little courtesy doesn't go amiss and costs nothing. We left the Covisint stand with goodwill towards that organisation at something of a low. CEO No.1, Kevin English, seemed like a decent enough guy though.


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