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Dave Leggett | 12 November 2010

It has been a longish week, but TGIF. A couple of things to share before I well and truly enter the wind-down zone.

1. I read something in The Independent newspaper that had me raising my increasingly Brezhnev-like eyebrows. "Growing crops to make biofuels results in vast amounts of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere and does nothing to stop climate change or global warming, according to the first thorough scientific audit of a biofuel's carbon budget."

Are they mad in Brussels? Discuss. Read more at the below link.

And secondly, one for the Brits - and anyone else - who follow football in England. I like to circulate widely and I enjoyed a glass of wine with George Fowler, motoring writer at the Daily Star (a UK tabloid), earlier today. He loved his Renault Wind test car - best car he's driven this year I think he said. Blimey, I wasn't expecting that. The conversation moved to football, and the post-2012 use for the main London Olympics stadium. You could have knocked me down with a feather...West Ham United is a perfect anagram of 'The New Stadium'. Yes, it really is. So there you go, it's clearly pre-ordained that WHU will be in there when the Olympics circus has left. Possibly a new beginning to look forward to after relegation this year...

Expect to read something a bit more sensible concerning Ford Europe's chief Stephen Odell - who joined us for lunch - on j-a on Monday. (One last thing - Odell used to be a boxer and he is also a big Spurs fan; a London boy, but a very well travelled one; okay, that's enough trivia.)

Enjoy your weekend.

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