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Dave Leggett | 5 September 2007

Just been having a brief sojourn around the web over a hasty late lunch at my desk (rice and beans salad, since you ask - going healthy today). Came across a couple of things that were out of the ordinary. One, on autoblog, is the tale of a speeding driver who wanted to record hitting 140mph on his cell phone camera. He didn't bank on the resultant vid clip getting uploaded to YouTube. Did his mate say sorry?

And motoring journalist and general commentator on life Jeremy Clarkson never ceases to provide entertainment with his contrary views and colourful similies that often target things that well deserve targeting (though not always). 

How's this for a take on Canada and the Dodge Grand Caravan? Mind you, he really excelled with why binge drinking is good. Fifty-five units of alcohol a day on his hols? I expect that's a small exaggeration but I like his style. Makes me laugh anyway. Maybe that Grand Caravan drove him to drink...


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