Blog: Dave LeggettCorporate-speak; gotta love it

Dave Leggett | 16 October 2006

I must admit to deriving some amusement from the little snippets of wisdom that are company taglines or those acronyms for internal use that encapsulate some sort of corporate-speak exhortation to yet higher efforts and quality from the workforce, but end up sounding just a little bit platitudinous. It brings out the cynic in me.

Renault has introduced its '4E' process (EEEE). What does 'EEEE' stand for?  Excellence, Everywhere, Everyone, Everytime. Great. I suppose you can't really argue with that as an ultimate goal, but I could imagine that hearing management banging on about '4E rollout' could cause some people to go 'EEEEk'.

What's more important is what is actually underneath the phrase, what it really means to processes across the company.

We've an interview published today with Renault's Luc-Alexandre Ménard on Renault's 2009 plan (an ambitious one, outlined by Ghosn earlier this year) that does also shed a little light on what 4E means in the context of how one of its flagship dealers in West London operates. All very laudable, but the description might get a few laughs from anyone in Britain who currently owns a Renault and has been more usually subject to EEEEk treatment rather than EEEE. 

I recall a particularly chessey salesman at a Renault dealership once trying to interest me in something on the forecourt. As he scribbled on his business card '£50' he went all conspiratorial on me. Look mate, big favour to you, I'm cutting my own neck here, but if you want to do a deal on one of these, there's a £50 discount for you - but you have to deal with me, he said, as he passed me his card. I was gobsmacked with his brass neck on such a paltry sum and he probably thought my dropped jaw meant I was hooked and that he'd be reeling me in anytime soon.


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Luc-Alexandre Ménard sets out progress on Renault's 2009 plan


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