Blog: Dave LeggettConverting ICE cars to EVs

Dave Leggett | 12 November 2009

I can see why Iceland might work well for electric vehicles. The population is not huge and it's fairly concentrated. I believe they generate their electricity from fully renewable sources – mainly geothermal. They are sitting on a lot of hot rock. The economy is bust, but maybe that would help to make them very interested in importing less oil.

So the deal REVA has done with a local company that will help with charging infrastructure is maybe not all that surprising.

But what about this element? 'In addition to importing new EV models to Iceland, NLE is also working on developing systems to convert the current internal combustion engine (ICE) car fleet into Electric Cars.' The mind boggles. They certainly don't lack ambition over there.

Disposing of all those replaced ICE engines for the whole fleet might be tricky. Not much of an aftermarket. There could be unwanted stockpiles of the things forming, like little terminal moraines, just outside Reyjavik, an unsightly reminder of a dirtier automotive age. Maybe that's why the place is called 'ICE-LAND' (sorry).

To be serious for a second, anyone out there got thoughts on this sort of conversion work at volume and making it commercially do-able? Sounds like a non-starter but I have been around long enough not to necessarily discount anything, however outlandish sounding.

ICELAND: Northern Lights Energy and REVA sign agreement


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