Blog: Dave LeggettConvertible Holden Monaro

Dave Leggett | 21 May 2004

Well done to Holden - kind of. The PR people Down Under seem generally proactive and that's a good thing of course. They've sent me a nice little release about the convertible Monaro (codenamed Marilyn) which now-gone-bust TWR was working on for them. It never made it into production, but it's an interesting story. Only problem is, they sent no pics. And I can't get any from Holden's media website because you have to be registered and I'm not. And it's now very early Saturday morning in Oz, so no-one's there. Therefore, I'm sorry that the news item is currently image-less.

Life can be frustrating can't it? I'm trying to get something from GM Europe in Zurich, but if anyone else from the vast GM organisation is reading this and can send me a simple low-res image of 'Marilyn', it would be appreciated. 

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