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Dave Leggett | 4 August 2003

If the weather sages are to be believed, here in the centre of England the mercury could hit 35 degrees - Celsius - by mid-week - we're already heading for the high 20s today. That's good news for Dave, taking a well-earned and long overdue holiday. He should be spared the "heat stress" that BBC forecasters were warning of on Sunday night; the Cornish coast where he's staying should deliver some nice fresh sea breezes.

This sort of weather always brings local classic cars out in droves after months cosseted away from our more regular diet of rainy skies and icy salty winter roads. Spotted a superb Triumph Stag yesterday and, on the way to work today, a rare, left-hand drive BMW convertible of the 1602 era, a 1970 model going by its registration plate. Lovely.

The motor industry is getting keener on convertibles by the day, too. We just got an invite to the UK launch of Smart's new roadster in September and Peugeot and Renault UK operations are getting exited about the imminent arrival of their new 307CC and Megane Cabriolet respectively. They're due out in late summer/November(why so late?) and Renault, perhaps making up for its version's close-to-winter arrival, has been quick to point out it will offer more versions, including a diesel engine, than its French arch-rival.

These folding tin-top (Peugeot) or glass top (Renault) cabrios are ideal for the UK - on the rare occasions we get better weather than the southern Europeans, you can flick the switch, impress the neightbours and let the sun in, yet,when the more usual British climate is doing its worst, stay snug under a proper solid top.
Graeme Roberts


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