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Dave Leggett | 10 June 2004

I wish I was in Beijing this week for the Auto China show, but I can’t be everywhere. Today I’ve got to nail a presentation that I’m making to Ford’s Automotive Strategy Group next week, as well as finalise an outline of questions for that interview with Nick Scheele. And next week I’ve also got a ‘knowledge session’ internal Ford teleconference on Wednesday, as well as several meetings to squeeze in when I can while I’m in mo’town (eg Paul Lienert and Paul Eisenstein). And next Thursday, I’ll be driving down to Indianapolis for a bit of a do that includes watching the F1 qualifying session on Friday, 18th. (My thanks to Ford’s media fleet people for finding me a Taurus for the duration of my stay and thanks also to the people who have advised me on the best route to take from Detroit to Indy.)

When I get back from the US on the redeye on the early morning of the 21st June (not looking forward to that – I’ve got to go straight to work rather than collapse in a heap), I’ll have plenty to do that has built up while away and I’m seeing Edmund Chew (Autobusiness) in London for lunch on the 22nd. On the 24th I will be guesting at a Bosch international sales meeting at a hotel near Heathrow, which means preparing another presentation beforehand – and they want something ‘light and entertaining’; I’ll do my best, but Bill Murray I ain’t. On the morning of Sunday 27th June, I’m travelling to Montreux in Switzerland for the Automotive News Europe Congress and I’ll be there until the 29th. 

Yes, the next few weeks look pretty booked up. And if I have any spare time, I’ve a big report to work on (an annual that I author, ‘Global Car Sales Forecasts to 2009’). It’s funny how things build up in the diary and catch up with you. And now I’ve a stack of phone calls to make, plus the Editor's Weekly Highlights newsletter to sort out. And I've just realised I don't have a hotel booked up for Indy yet, so maybe I'll be sleeping in the back of the Taurus. But first things first. More coffee is urgently required.


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