Blog: Dave LeggettConcorde RIP?

Dave Leggett | 29 August 2003

Just been chatting with Mark Bursa, a Brit-based auto industry journalist and writer, about future work for just-auto. During the course of our wide-ranging chat he mentioned that he'd just got back from New York and flew out there on a British Airways Concorde using up air-miles. I went green with envy of course, having never flown on the fast bird. The opportunity to fly on the graceful SST won't be around much longer I guess.

But Mark is also an aerospace correspondent and has some good contacts. He reckons there is a large movement within BA for keeping Concorde going and that it doesn't need to finish on cost or safety grounds (the BA fleet being much better maintained and looked after than Air France's). BA's management had its hand forced when Air France decided to can its fleet. It would certainly be a shame to see it finish needlessly. I hope the rearguard action within BA succeeds in a reprieve if, as Mark believes, a compelling case for the continued flying of the aircraft can be made on commercial and safety criteria. The key to continuation is securing the support of Airbus.


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