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Dave Leggett | 5 June 2008

Just read an interesting piece by James May (yes, he of Top Gear fame). He's got a column in the Daily Torygraph - at least I hope he's writing it and it's not cranked out by some well briefed ghost writer. That's no slight on you James - I'm sure you do write your own stuff. And let me be clear before someone jumps to wrong conclusions - that's also no slight on anyone else at Top Gear either - I still love Clarkson in The Sunday Times, both columns are superb and I am sure he's writing the stuff. Hammond also. Take a bow guys. Clever spin-off stuff going on, too (Brainiac rocks!). 

I just wonder sometimes with some of the things I see in newspapers - not with these blokes though.

Anyway, back to the point - James has an interesting viewpoint on the computer driven machine. Personally, I enjoy driving and it's an utter pleasure, however woefully crappy the car may be. It's you + hardware. Simple. Effectively, you're the software and why would you want to take that out of the equation?

What's left? Read the newspaper, browse t'Internet? Noooo!

There is pleasure in actually driving and I think that is a pleasure like walking - there can be a joy to be had in walking across Everest or Africa, but a five minute stroll to the shops for a can of beans and a newspaper first thing can also be strangely rewarding.

But is there some drudgery that can be taken out of the equation...? See Mr Voelcker's below comment. 'Just find a parking space and I'll be back later - don't wait up.'

James May: Computers can't drive


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