Blog: Dave LeggettCologne/Köln

Dave Leggett | 19 February 2008

I am heading for Cologne today. Tire Expo is on and I have somehow found myself on the programme as a speaker. I am speaking in a session about trends in road wheels. One minute you are in a meeting in the office saying 'yes, okay, I'll do it' and next thing it's here.

One thing that should make the journey interesting is that I have opted to do it by train.

Look, I do enough short-haul flying and I don't find it particularly fun. This way I get to see the new Eurostar terminal in London and also discover whether this is really a viable transport alternative for destinations other than those served directly by Eurostar. I will have to change at Brussels for another train that goes to Cologne. Here's hoping that I negotiate the change successfully and don't end up somewhere I shouldn't be.

There again, waking up, say, in Warsaw or Berlin might not be all bad. 

RESEARCH ANALYSIS: Review of road wheels market


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