Blog: Dave LeggettCO2 seminar

Dave Leggett | 29 March 2004

I'm visting the SMMT this morning for a seminar that has been organised to present the industry's position on CO2 and progress towards meeting CO2 reduction targets. The subject matter isn't exactly exciting, but it is obviously an important issue to keep up-to-date with. As well as some SMMT speakers and someone from HM Treasury, someone from the European vehicle makers' club based in Brussels, ACEA, will be along - Herman Meyer (Environmental Policy Director). By this afternoon I should have a handle on two questions: why has the rate of decline on CO2 emissions started to slow and will we meet ACEA's CO2 target of 140g/km by 2008?

To go off at a complete tangent, I met former head of communications at ACEA, Jim Rosenstein, last week - he's now head of communications for Toyota Europe. As someone remarked to me, he's one of those guys who makes you feel good when you meet him. Mere acquaintances are made to feel like long lost friends and so on. Wish I could do that.

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