Blog: Dave LeggettCO2 Seminar at Forbes House

Dave Leggett | 15 April 2003

Its always nice for me to go along to the UK auto industry's trade association - the SMMT - at Forbes House in London's Belgravia. I worked there in the economics department when I was in my twenties (seems like yesterday, but I guess it wasn't). There are still a few friendly faces from those times to see whenever I go back (like Harvey Sharp in the stats area), as well as some good people who have joined more recently. Must say I am a fan of Chris Macgowan who runs the show. He's done quite a bit to make the SMMT more relevant and interface more meaningfully with the industry - along with Al Clarke. The SMMT has a position to defend of course, but it seems to do it more intelligently these days.

One example is a seminar on CO2 that SMMT has arranged for 9 May. Will we meet ACEA's target of 140g/km by 2008? Why are CO2 emissions important to government, the industry and consumers? Pertinent questions. There are speakers from UK government departments lined up and the manufacturers will be present with some of their lowest CO2 emitting vehicles. Should be interesting and I'll be going along.


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