Blog: Dave LeggettCO2: mitigation or adaptation?

Dave Leggett | 4 April 2008

Listened to something interesting on the radio in the car yesterday about the fundamemtals of the ongoing debate going on between scientists, economists and politicians on the response to global warming. The science points clearly in a certain direction but is far from precise. And the response from us? Mitigate emissions or adapt to a changed global climate. Should we go hell for leather for CO2 reduction or is it more realistic to accept global warming and develop policies that make it easier to live with? I suspect that an absolutist approach in either direction is probably not ideal, dangerous even. Trouble is, once you start saying 'it's happening, not much we can do, best thing is that we deal with  it', that easily segues into doing nothing about human activity that may well turn out to be costly for future generations. How much do we really care about the state of the earth in a hundred years time?

The wrong way to a warmer world?


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