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Graeme Roberts | 25 October 2012

As the editor noted, as he tweeted this blog this morning, Autocar's Hilton Holloway isn't going to be very popular with London cabbies once they've read it.

But he surely has a point. For years now, CO2-obsessed politicians have ignored the really bad vehicle pollutants, like diesels' nitrous oxide and particles, and instead used the demonised 'greenhouse gas' as a great excuse to tax UK motorists, specially those who dare, and can afford to run a large SUV or MPV.

One mad lot of local councillors in London's south west - since deservedly voted out of office, I am told - even came up with a CO2-based tariff to charge residents for on-street parking permits based on grams-per-km output. Since when did a parked vehicle emit CO2?


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