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Dave Leggett | 28 February 2008

I am still feeling a bit weird after yesterday's news (see below posting). Life goes on, of course, but Jeff Daniels is on my mind today. I'm in London to do an interview at CNN. They have a Geneva preview thing going on on one of their business programmes. It means leaving the desk, but I don't mind taking time out for CNN every now and then. It's been a while and they seemed keen (desperate?) to get me on, so what the hell. 

I spoke to Rob Golding yesterday on skype, just before he dived out of the door for a Mazda event in Genoa. I mentioned the CNN gig (he is something of a media whore and would probably crawl ten miles over broken glass for CNN). Oh, I'll watch it from my hotel room, he said. Don't be daft, I replied, might be better things to watch on the hotel TV. Like what? Let's not go there...


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