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Dave Leggett | 20 April 2006

CNN yesterday was a kind of fun experience. There was a live interview late morning (I think I got the main points across about the industrial backdrop to Ryton closure) and then they wanted me to do a pre-recorded thing outside on a busy street with plenty of traffic for the backshot. The camera guy got set-up and the West End road was suddenly bizarrely empty, which caused a few laughs.

If you watched the 'world business today' programme on the international CNN channel (not the US domestic one) yesterday, I got to say something extremely insightful like, 'Peugeot wants to make its cars in the lowest cost places and also invest globally where it thinks market demand has good long-term growth potential and is therefore adding production capacity in places like Slovakia and China.' There was more interesting stuff, but you never know what will remain following the editing process. Unusually, I actually caught the slot in the evening and I looked a bit on the chubby side, I must say. Must be camera distortion.

I'm out again today - heading into Surrey for a quick spin in the Brazilian made Volkswagen Fox, which is about to be launched onto the UK market. It's an intriguing car. Can it succeed where Lupo failed?


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