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Dave Leggett | 6 March 2008

Streaming video off t'internet used to be rubbish didn't it? Now fast broadband access is so widespread it's become something that we almost take for granted. Partly because I was curious about what CNN did with the footage with me outside Turner House (competing with traffic noise and gawping passers by) on Great Marlborough Street in London last week, I have found myself on CNN's website browsing some of the Geneva video stuff. It's good. Take a look for yourself via the below link. There are interviews with Ghosn, Wagoner, Press, Fleming.

(I've ended up with about 15 secs buried in the Green car one - profound remarks or what?...oh well, that's the way it goes; you just never know what bits they will actually use. And I think it's time I got a haircut.)


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