Blog: Dave LeggettClimate change and Ford

Dave Leggett | 18 July 2006

Impressions from the press day at the London Show were broadly favourable. Nice venue (ExCel) I thought and it wasn't too crowded (well, a few manufacturers haven't shown up). But it was a blisteringly hot day by London standards, once again. Organisation seemed good and the venue definitely gains something from being near water.

The interviews I did seemed to go well. GM Europe's Jonathan Browning was on his usual good form (he enjoys talking to the press, communicating achievements - yes, it's the company line at times, but he definitely likes facing outwards and is a good guy to interview) and there were a couple of good interviews at Volvo also. They'll be written up and on just-auto in due course and are now safely transferred from a digital recorder the size of a lighter (very neat piece of Olympus kit) onto my PC.

I'll be back at ExCel first thing tomorrow for an early press conference with Ford of Europe's Lewis Booth on climate change and then there's a trip to Ford's Dagenham Diesel Centre after that. They used to make Fiestas there once, you know.


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