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Dave Leggett | 4 May 2007

Here's an interesting resource for those interested in environmental stuff. It's a very well produced website. The table on manufacturer CO2 performance is prepared by taking official CO2 measures per model and weighting that by UK sales (no, not 'dust-to-dust' CO2, but still interesting).

As might be expected, the companies who specialise in selling small cars are at the top, luxury marques and SUV specialists down at the bottom.

It's such a simple idea - take the CO2 measures and weight them by sales volume to get to a corporate average - but I don't think I've seen a table like this one before. 

And Lexus comes out as heavier on CO2 than BMW!

(It would be interesting to see the average CO2 ratings for each manufacturer by model range and the difference that the sales weighting makes.)

UK: New website measures every manufacturers' CO2 performance


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