Blog: Dave LeggettClean diesels: not an oxymoron

Dave Leggett | 5 October 2005

PSA Peugeot Citroën’s corporate strategy is heavily reliant on forming collaborations with other makers and it is a strategy that has enabled the company to retain its independence and survive in the company of bigger animals. Today, it announced, along with Ford, an extension to the diesel engine joint venture that the two operate.

PSA boss Jean-Martin Folz, as head of the world’s largest producer of diesel engines, used the occasion to criticise hybrids and generally poor scorn on the critics of diesels. We ran a piece from Rob Golding today that gives a flavour of the PSA/Ford press briefing.

It is perhaps interesting to reflect on the fact that while hybrids have been billed as The Next Big Thing, today’s technology in the form of diesel engines clearly has a vital role to play – especially in Europe – in reducing CO2 generation. But the ‘dirty diesels’ tag is taking some time to shift, despite the advent of fancy gizmos like soot traps (particulate filters) to catch the carcinogenic nasties.

I sense that for some people clean diesels will always be an oxymoron.

Let’s hope though that the regulators are sensible enough to look at all the facts and that regional frameworks don’t become undermined by national-level tinkering that will serve to confuse the market and ultimately bring higher costs for the vehicle manufacturers and consumers. 

GOLDING’S TAKE: PSA and Ford complete a full range of engines


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