Blog: Glenn BrooksClassy Style from Mazda

Glenn Brooks | 28 November 2011

The Classy Style comes with

The Classy Style comes with 'discharge' headlights, Mazda notes

The Verisa, a small five-door hatchback that's sold mostly in Japan, is nearing the end of its lifecycle. What better way to give it a final push than the terrifically named 'Classy Style' edition?


Colossal China powers on

I'm starting to get a small idea of the scale of things here in China, but really, I'm only scratching the surface of this vast country....


China Hot Pot

Given the startling complexity of obtaining a journalist visa for China - the code 'J2' is now indelibly stamped on my mind - it was with some surprise how swiftly I managed to sail through airport im...

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