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Dave Leggett | 18 December 2006

Motoring journalist and writer Jeremy Clarkson lambasted the Volkswagen Golf GT TSI in his motoring column in the Sunday Times this week. He really didn't like the car at all (read here), with the engine coming in for a particular hammering. But he has two columns in the ST does our Jeremy, and the non-automotive one in the Review section is often a very good read, though he sometimes goes a little far, even for me. This week's missive was a particularly good one - Jezza's observations on linguistic conventions. Well, it brought a smile to my face anyway (read it here).

A journalist colleague once told me that the great man rattles his Sunday Times Review column off in about twenty minutes and doesn't mess about with it. Impressive. As is the deal that enables him to compile the columns, with no mention that they first appeared in the Sunday Times, into a best-selling book every now and then. Smart bloke (and bloke is the word, I think). 


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