Blog: Dave LeggettClarkson for PM?

Dave Leggett | 20 August 2008

It's the silly season and news is thin on the ground. In London's Westminster district - from where the UK is supposedly governed - politicians, lobbyists and civil servants are either on holiday in Tuscany or looking for creative ways to fill the dog days of August. Some officials in the Prime Minister's office have been busy with video content for the Number 10 website.

There's an amusing video clip response to the slightly barking idea of having no-nonsense libertarian and Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson as PM (though he shades it over Gordy in my book). The YouTube clip is below. There's also a link to the coverage of the item on the BBC which goes on to describe how some test stuff material made it on to the Number 10 public website - an unfortunate individual being lampooned as a 'prat' (a Brit colloquialism meaning stupid idiot). Well, it made me laugh. Good to know that we are getting value for money from our civil service. Actually, it is good to know that the people working in there have a sense of humour - they probably would go nuts without it.


No 10's Clarkson video a 'joke'


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