Blog: Dave LeggettCitroen's UK growth strategy

Dave Leggett | 11 April 2003

Heard Alain Favey - Citroen UK MD - expounding on Citroen's growth strategy for the UK yesterday. More sales points, authorised repairers, parts distributors - it was aggressive sounding stuff based on Citroen's strong showing in the private retail (rather than fleet) sector of the British car market. It was a well-presented case based on selecting business partners who agree to certain things - like Citroen aftersales signage. But the question was raised about other makers doing the same and the potential for extra costs to be incurred on, for example, duplicated dedicated reception areas. How will the Block Exemption changes work through I wonder? But there's no denying Citroen's impressive recent sales history in the UK. I admit I was surprised to see that the Citroen Picasso compact MPV outsells both the Renault Scenic and Vauxhall (GM) Zafira in Britain.


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