Blog: Dave LeggettCitroen Pluriel

Dave Leggett | 7 July 2003

I must try and get Citroen UK to let me loose on a Pluriel. The reviews seem a little polarised. They're either gushing with praise for the innovative four-in-one body configuration concept or they're a bit scathing. I've heard that the roof mechanism has a few problems, but what I saw on TV last night really took the biscuit. Cheap jibe or what. The oh-so-clever BBC Top Gear presenters decided that because there was nowhere to stow the roof arches when turning Pluriel into a cabrio, they'd make a joke by showing the passenger negotiating them in the front while the vehicle was in use. I don't think so Top Gear! Like targa roofs, you stow them in your garage or living room if you want. You don't expect to stow everything in the vehicle. While I'm at it with Citroen UK, I may grovel (again) for a seat in the Citroen UK corporate box at Highbury - home to Arsenal football club - sometime this season. That'd be nice.


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