Blog: Dave LeggettChrysler's Phil Murtaugh

Dave Leggett | 3 March 2008

After Cerberus had landed Chrysler and put Bob Nardelli in charge, it then moved quickly to appoint people with good industry experience to key posts. One of them was Phil Murtaugh. His CV was perfect - a long period building up GM in China, followed by some time at SAIC. And he was ripe for plucking.

D'ya think he might be well placed to know what's what with Chery and make sure Chrysler gets the best deal possible on a Chery-sourced small car?

Our Mr Bursa recently talked to Mr Murtaugh and it's a good read. Nice smiling pic of the man to accompany the words, too. Coolbear cracked a joke?

EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS: Murtaugh’s the man for Chrysler’s China plans


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