Blog: Dave LeggettChrysler’s CCC/CCV

Dave Leggett | 10 June 2004

With all the talk lately of cars for developing markets, whatever happened, I wonder, to Chrysler’s China Car Concept (CCC - later becoming Composite Concept Vehicle - CCV - 2C'sV - geddit?), which was initially devised for a popular car competition in China during the mid-90s? I was flicking through some old books and mags last night and I came across the CCC. Looked pretty good – with clear Citroen 2CV design cues - and I seem to remember there was some fine and noble talk of recycling plastic bottles for the body panels. Like many of these types of project though, it seems to have sunk without trace – presumably it was an interesting design study at the time, but would have been too expensive to actually put into production. Or maybe, somewhere in China, it’s being worked on...

PS: Just searched the web and it seems the CCV was a victim of budget cuts after DaimlerChrysler's formation in '98. Not easy to find pics, but there's a link below that has some.

I've also found out along the way that, amazingly, the old Austin Rover Maestro van lives on in production somewhere in the vast black hole that is China. Made under license, local producer has acquired rights for a song from MGR, or just a plain rip-off? Hard to tell. Maybe someone can elighten me. Last I heard, the Maestro line was going to Bulgaria, but that deal went pear-shaped around 1998 I believe. 

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