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Dave Leggett | 4 November 2009

Is Chrysler really going to fly in partnership with Fiat? It is perhaps coming off a low base where it has been stuck with the wrong products at the wrong time - and a poor image (the latest US sales weren't great). But Marchionne reckons the cost-cutting - under Cerberus - has at least given it a shot to succeed at a lower breakeven point. Add in the manufacturing and distribution synergies to come that are made possible by working with Fiat and there is at least hope.

I was in Auburn Hills recently and someone remarked that everyone there is now having to get used to new culture again after the changes of the last decade. But I got the impression it's seen as a very positive experience, the chance to be creative again in a flatter organisation. One thing about this new culture under Marchionne: there's an openness about the approach. I think the below link will work for you as well as me; some interesting presentations there on product development and steps taken to improve Chrysler processes in quality, in particular.

Chrysler business plan presentations


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