Blog: Dave LeggettChrysler has the answer?

Dave Leggett | 7 September 2007

Jim Press of Toyota deciding on a move to Chrysler was suprising enough. Now we learn that Phil Murtaugh is bailing from SAIC and joining up too. Who's next?

Murtaugh is probably the really key appointment here, no disrespect to Jim Press (who certainly should be able to help Chrysler on its US marketing; will be interesting to see how the chemistry at the top of the Chrysler tree pans out - Nardelli-LaSorda-Press).

I expect Murtaugh has a few tales to tell from his experience at SAIC. I would have thought they would have done almost anything to hang on to him. He's a seriously clued up guy now. Not only does he know GM Asia from the inside (he was a GM long-termer but GM put his nose out of joint politically) but he has, presumably, gained good insight into SAIC, its strategy and the Chinese industry, from the inside.

Very good week for Chrysler, which needs to get a bit of momentum going.  

US: Phil Murtaugh leaves SAIC for Chrysler


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