Blog: Dave LeggettChrysler Crossfire in Europe

Dave Leggett | 21 July 2003

Chrysler could be on to a winner in Europe with the Chrysler Crossfire. The Jeep models aside, Chrysler hasn't got the best product reputation in Europe - being chiefly remembered for the stodgy Voyager (Dodge Caravan) with its appalling NCAP ratings, the slightly overdone PT Cruiser and that cheap tinny little Neon. Crossfire's borrowed M-Benz SLK engineering could play quite well among Europeans and the styling is distinctive and striking, but without the - albeit unashamedly up-front - sledgehammer subtlety of the PT's appearance that inevitably made the PT struggle in the conservative heartlands of Europe. Crossfire is obviously American-styled, but classy American, if that makes any sense. Like Grand Cherokee, it works visually. This could be the car to really lift Chrysler's image in Europe I think.


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