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Dave Leggett | 4 September 2007

Rob Golding went to Paris for Christian Streiff's PSA press conference today. I'm looking forward to getting his take on it tomorrow. What Streiff outlined looks pretty ambitious, to say the least, though PSA can say that it is building on improvement.

However, PSA is operating in a tough industry and market, globally - but especially in Europe. Established volume players can't breathe at all easily. PSA has no premium brands (maybe Streiff and Ford's Mulally are reading from the same manual). Citroen, in particular, is a low-margin value brand - what does 'competitive premium' model in each segment really mean and I wonder what this long-term plan will mean for job losses in France?

He's a brave man to raise expectations like that, as Ghosn has done at Renault. Tough, even, if he can convince people that he knows what he's doing and can deliver. Is corporate France squaring up to its French workforce on costs further than it already has (that Moroccan announcement by Renault yesterday a further reminder that French companies are aggressively looking to lower costs by investing overseas)? 

FRANCE: Streiff outlines PSA plan to 2015


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