Blog: Dave LeggettChocolate?

Dave Leggett | 23 November 2007

Well, we all know about the use of things like old chip fat and vegetable oil in diesels. Next time you visit a Cadbury's factory outlet (ok, that's a bit parochial - for those that don't know, Cadbury's makes chocolate bars here in the UK) and are eyeing the seductive bags of chocolate mis-shapes (kind of like seconds, or bits and pieces that didn't quite make it through the manufacturing process) then just imagine that the choccy could otherwise be fuel in your car. Yes, it can be pulped into biodiesel. Personally, I'd rather eat it, but it's good to know that there's potentially another use for the brown stuff that doesn't quite make the grade.

Remember that chocolate ad on TV....Everyone's a Fruit & Nut Case.... (I have stumbled upon a fascinating website if you grew up in 1970s/1980s Britain; Frank Muir was always a cool guy in my book but the British Caledonian ad doesn't quite stand the test of time...oh my word, Austin Ambassador, Cadbury's Flake, PG Tips, Tango's pop at estate agents, Cinzano with Rossiter, Bud's Iggy, almost fell off my chair watching the 1974 Pepsi ad...hey, look, it's late on a Friday afternoon - wait a minute, isn't it beer o'clock already?).  

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