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Dave Leggett | 20 July 2007

Thoughts are turning to China again this morning. I guess there’s a danger of people getting a little carried away with some of the latest publicity about killer toothpaste and so on. When it comes to cars, the Chinese must realise that the biggest opportunity is at home and that export markets need to be approached with care.

Interesting article on the subject has appeared in BusinessWeek. There are still people – like Malcom Bricklin – who are determined to exploit an opportunity to market cheap Chinese cars in the US. And David Shelburg – of China Motor - has also apparently garnered some dealer interest, too.

Perhaps the key here is to consider the Chinese auto industry through the prism of its domestic set-up. Perhaps there is an element of politicking by some of the firms, anxious to be seen at home as forward thinking and fairly advanced in developing export plans.

But don’t get fooled into thinking the Chinese are finished before they’re really started or that all Chinese cars are sub-standard. Take a look at the new Chery A6 on China Car Times (a useful resource). It looks impressive.

Incidentally, yesterday evening (after the Automotive PR meeting and a couple of post-meeting beers with Martin Hayes) in London was ideal for a stroll by the river. Had my camera with me and I figure we may as well break this text up with some images. Heavy rain has returned yet again today though. Such a contrast with last summer.

London Skyline

Nelsons Column


Chery A6 article in China Car Times


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