Blog: Glenn BrooksChinese market set for 18m+ sales

Glenn Brooks | 13 December 2011


Wuling's micro-minivan series is on course for a million sales in 2011

The world's largest national market is headed for a record year, says the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

According to CAAM, vehicle sales rose by two percent to 16.82m during the year to the end of November. It's revealing to see just how few imported vehicles were in that sales number: domestic production over the same period totalled 16.73m vehicles.

Whilst trumpeting the news, the association also sounds a note of caution: vehicle sales have slowed from last year's record 32 percent rise as inflation, higher interest rates and the end of a two-year stimulus plan continue to deter purchases. Indeed, deliveries for calendar 2011 may rise the least in 13 years, adding to suspicions that the Chinese economy is cooling rather more than the Communist Party would have some believe.

I haven't yet seen a reliable sales tally by brand for the first eleven months, but as at the end of October, Volkswagen was of course head and shoulders above all others, with Wuling, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Buick, Chevrolet, Honda, Chery and Kia rounding out the top ten (in that order).


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