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Dave Leggett | 27 November 2007

We had a news item from Uganda on just-auto yesterday and I think that is a first. Our African news tends to come from South Africa (by far Africa's leading economic power) or North Africa with not much automotive industry news eminating from the vast swathe of mainly poverty stricken lands in-between. Interesting to note that the Chinese are rapidly developing economic and trade ties with Africa, seeking out opportunities all over the continent. I have come across an article on the BBC's website that gives some useful background. Chinese firms equal low-cost and come with no strings attached (like human rights concerns, broader political sensitivities at governmental level - eg Zimbabwe). 

(Incidentally, if anyone out there can write me a good synopsis of what's going on in the Nigerian vehicle market these days, I'm all ears.)

UGANDA: Geely to assemble cars in Uganda – report

Chinese in Africa (BBC report)


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