Blog: Dave LeggettChinese earthquake appeal

Dave Leggett | 19 June 2008

Some motor industry companies have got together to raise money for the relief effort supporting victims of the Sichuan earthquake in China which killed 50,000 but left millions more vulnerable.

Led by Paul Stowe, Project Director at Shanghai LTI (a Joint Venture between London taxi maker LTI and Chinese motor group Geely), and Ashley Sutcliffe, the man behind the highly-regarded China Car Times web site, the initiative involves a charity auction conducted over the eBay web site.

On offer are the following items:

Two exclusive 1:18 scale models of Lifan cars (Lifan is a fast emerging car maker with its roots in one of the world’s largest motorcycle makers) – the models cannot be bought and have fully functioning features, including opening doors and working suspensions.

A month’s free advertising on China Car Times (the space normally costs $1,000) from July to August. CCT receives over 1.6 million page views a week from all over the world and is the premier English-language web site monitoring the growing Chinese automotive manufacturing sector.

An exclusive visit to the LTI plant in Coventry UK, home of the iconic London taxi. The offer includes a private tour of the factory, lunch, a drive in one of the latest Iconic ‘Black Cabs’ and some special merchandise.

Courtesy of NAC MG, a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to visit Longbridge, Birmingham, as it re-launches the MG brand into Europe, along with the heavily revamped MGTF sports car. Included in this offer is a drive in one of the first MG TF LE500 vehicles to be built at the newly re-opened MG factory.

A visit to the Lotus sports car plant in Hethel, Norfolk, UK, with a rare chance to try a range of the latest products from the world-renowned brand on the company’s own test track.

“Thanks to the generosity of three great British car companies – Lotus, MG and LTI – we are offering prizes that money cannot buy”, says Paul Stowe. “This shows that not only is British motoring alive and well in the UK, but also that the industry recognizes that its social responsibility is global – all the companies are intrinsically linked in China having either wholly owned or Joint Venture companies established there.

“All the companies employ Chinese people and have been deeply moved by the events in Sichuan, and each has individually contributed to the Charity causes supporting the people and the families affected”, said Paul Stowe.

The Chinese charity auction concludes at 09.30 am GMT on 24 June.

Further details about the individual work done by the Chinese automotive industry are at and at Paul Stowe’s own website:

The relevant eBay links for the auction are:


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