Blog: Dave LeggettChina's car rental market set for boom?

Dave Leggett | 11 August 2011

Interesting to see that China's auto market nudged up in July. It is, however, a market that is very clearly cooling down on last year's frenetic pace.

Came across this piece in China Daily on China's car rental sector. It's a sector predicted to see quite a bit of growth over the next few years - rising incomes, rising costs of car ownership, better availability in what is essentially a brand new market segment - and there are a few major players emerging. Foreign capital is playing a role, but the big international car rental firms seem to have lost out to indigenous players who better understand the market. 

A thought occurs. Will the Chinese authorities ultimately get more actively involved in pushing the automotive rental sector in certain directions, perhaps to ensure that the fleets are made up of locally produced hybrids and EVs?

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