Blog: Dave LeggettChina's 42m people 'mega city'

Dave Leggett | 2 February 2011

Interesting article here on plans for an integrated connurbation in south China that links up major cities. Sounds like quite a plan. This is perhaps the kind of thing that the auto industry needs to be tapping into in terms of talking to the authorities about how electric vehicles can fit the transportation side of the plan, mesh with clean air and public transport strategies.

There is also the industrial contribution that automotive could make to this new connurbation - new factories making EVs and associated components. If the vehicles are made there and there's ready demand via incentives for users, large-scale procurement by local authorities and state enterprises, investment in infrastructure, it could all add up to being quite an opportunity a few years down the line. Kind of thing the visionaries/planners/politicians setting this thing up would like to talk about?

China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people


Colossal China powers on

I'm starting to get a small idea of the scale of things here in China, but really, I'm only scratching the surface of this vast country....

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