Blog: Dave LeggettChina briefing

Dave Leggett | 2 November 2004

We've just published an exclusive just-auto members' management briefing that takes a look at the Chinese auto industry. Mark Bursa researched and wrote it for us. I read it yesterday and was impressed with the number of analysts he spoke to as part of his research.

And he seems to have come up with answers to most of the pressing questions being asked about the Chinese auto industry right now. 

How serious is the clampdown on loans this year? How long will price wars last? What about the long-term direction of the vehicle market? The piracy issue? New 'upstart' local makers? Materials supply shortages? Exports? It's all there, along with a handy guide to the plans of the major players.

And if you thought the Japanese and Koreans had some sort of monopoly on weird but strangely cool-sounding model names, watch out for the Chinese. Geely has a small coupe - its first self-designed car - called the Geely Beauty Leopard.


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