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Dave Leggett | 8 March 2007

Been chatting with Michael DaMour in Detroit today, courtesy of Skype. He works with Ron Hesse of and they are working with a subsidiary of Chery in China on a joint venture website aimed at providing a marketplace for global industry participants – buyers and sellers. It could make outsourcing to low-cost Chinese producers even easier as their directory of manufacturers grows.

Anyway, it’s an interesting concept and I’ve been talking to them about mutually beneficial business stuff involving just-auto (I won’t go into the details here).

It just struck me that we all do business with all sorts of people and some are fun to deal with and some not. I don’t know where the business side of things will end up here, but I can at least categorically state that I very much enjoy my Skype calls with both Michael and Ron Hesse (who I have known for a fair few years - a good guy). 

And isn’t that how it should be? Fun while you work. I think so and it’s amazing how much you can get to connect with someone just on the phone/headset. Skype’s high quality audio (I hate to sound like a Skype salesman, but I cannot help it) gives the conversation a much more human edge I think. As I have said before, we could almost be in the same room.

But Skype isn’t everything. There’s a place for face-to-face and I am very much looking forward to having a beer with both of them when I visit Detroit next month.

Click below link to see their website. Click under ‘AutoBiz’ tab and then check out that amazing Delphi logo. 3-D or what?!

Global Auto Sourcing


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