Blog: Dave LeggettChicken Little and climate change

Dave Leggett | 11 January 2007

What a kerfuffle. DaimlerChrysler's chief economist appears to have been speaking frankly about approaches to climate change in Detroit earlier this week and his remarks may have landed him in a spot of trouble at HQ. A BBC journalist present homed in on the juicy bits and DC has seen fit to go on the defensive and demand a retraction (better to just ignore it I'd have thought).

The Chicken Little analogy is one that I suspect will stick around. 

Is there a difference of approach to this issue between US and Europe? As far as the top level political stage is concerned, it would seem so and the tone of the DC guy's remarks highlight a dichotomy more generally in the business community too. Stuttgart and Detroit are far apart places and not just physically. We all know that, but sometimes it takes some plain speaking to bring it home. It would be a dull world if it wasn't so and if people did not, occasionally, speak their minds and veer off the corporate line.

I trust that Van Jolissaint's colleagues will have made sure that there is at least one Chicken Little soft toy on his desk by now.

US: DC issues ‘Chicken Little’ statement

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