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Dave Leggett | 3 August 2006

We are into that time of the year when it can get a bit quiet on the news front. Any meaty morsels available are gratefully gobbled up by hungry news journalists. The Jaguar story will run and run, like GM-Renault. But in the absence of hard news, we can expect the rumour mill to be on overtime, alongside plenty of speculation about possible options (yes, Bill Ford is quite right about that).

One speculation is that Ford might offer Land Rover and Jaguar for sale as a package, profitable Land Rover being a sweetener for taking sick old Jag. I don't see that happening myself as I don't think that would be necessary. There's plenty of value locked away in Jaguar and if it was for sale there'd be a fair few people along to the auction, I'm sure.

Below link is to something I have penned concerning the X-type.

COMMENT: What’s wrong with the Jaguar X-type?


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