Blog: Dave LeggettChevy for Daewoo

Dave Leggett | 18 August 2004

Looks like GM is proceeding with plans to replace the Daewoo brand name with Chevrolet in many parts of the world (though presumably, not in South Korea). It sounds as if an announcement will be made in Paris next month. Could be a smart move, although I wonder how people will perceive Chevrolet to start with - people reading this would see it as 'American' in origin ('Drove my Chevy to the levy..'), but would the average punter?

Daewoo has always been a bargain-basement value brand in Europe (first models based on old GM cast-offs) and that was an image that Daewoo was stuck with even as the models were changed. Going to Chevrolet certainly offers an opportunity to reposition a little. Nothing to lose for GM.


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