Blog: Glenn BrooksChevrolet's Tru 140S concept: it's the future Cruze coupe

Glenn Brooks | 9 January 2012

Tru 140S concept: Ohio-built from 2014?

Tru 140S concept: Ohio-built from 2014?

Forget the rear-wheel drive Chevrolet Code 130R, it's the division's other Detroit show concept that strikes me as a car that will be built - engineered as the twin of next year's Opel and Vauxhall Calibra/Manta.

The Tru 140S is a good looking concept, to my eyes at least, and it seems GM is clever enough to spot a good-sized niche in the US market.

This concept also explains why Chevy seemingly abandoned two-door buyers when it dumped the Cobalt sedan and coupe at the end of North America's 2010 model year. I couldn't work that one out until now, thinking only that GM had decided to delay all niche bodies for the Cruze as a way of saving money back in the dark days of 2009 - witness the hiatus ahead of the hatchback's eventual appearance, and the ongoing wait for the wagon that'll finally appear in Korea and Europe later in 2012 (probably timed to coincide with a mid-life facelift).

I can see a Cruze Coupe rolling down the same line that builds the Cruze sedan at Lordstown Assembly in Ohio. Americans like compact coupes and at the moment, the Honda Civic and Kia Forte Koup are lapping up all the profits in what is a fair-sized sub-segment. Hyundai is on its way too - an Elantra Coupe is a certainty for the 2013 model year - expect to see it first at either the Busan or New York shows in a few months' time. Plus given the way the four-door car is selling, a guestimated 15,000-30,000 annual coupe sales could even help the Cruze become the segment's best selling nameplate in the US by around 2014.

I'm also hoping that the Cruze Coupe, if indeed such a car is under development, will come to Europe too. We already know that the Gliwice plant in Poland is being readied to build an Astra-based coupe from 2013 but I wouldn't expect a Chevrolet variant to be made there - let's assume it would come from Korea or just maybe, from Lordstown? They'll be making a diesel Cruze there in calendar 2013, GM has stated previously so building two-door cars for Europe in the US isn't as unusual as it might sound.

A two-door Cruze, under development with its hardware twinned with the future Opel and Vauxhall Manta/Calibra or whatever GM Europe ends up calling that model, seems to makes sense. As ever, I welcome readers' thoughts:


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