Blog: Dave LeggettChevrolet Spark

Dave Leggett | 9 February 2010

I'm up to Wellingborough (Northants, southern fringes of the English midlands) today for a Chevrolet Spark drive event. The Spark, you may recall, is the small car that was picked for production by the public from three concepts. The styling certainly looks very interesting, though I note the car has already received some criticism for its drive in some quarters. I guess that depends to some degree though on what you are comparing to; eg new Fiesta or the outgoing Spark/Matiz...

I'll be interviewing Chevrolet UK MD Mark Terry later on today.

Besides the usual drive in the car, the Chevrolet PR people have set up a 'Spark and Ride' depot at the home of the Chevrolet World Touring Car team where they have commandeered a warehouse for the week. There are some interactive product presentations and we are also promised 'monkeys, bananas, Welsh footballers and magic pianos'. That's some combo. Ryan Giggs on acid?  


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